here you are.

do you believe in magic? we do. not like wizardy magic, but synchronicity magic. like the kind that recently happened when we threw together a last minute art show due to an unforeseen cancellation. we LOVE those now.

first, it should be known that between the two of us (the bricoladies, bricobroads, bricobitches and on some occassions, bricosluts) have realllllllly long lists of projects that we want to do at some point. we have an endless supply of inspiration, butted up against a limited supply of time and money, so we resign ourselves to list making and big-picture scheming. sometimes these projects are just little things, but they get put on the back burner for one reason or another, thus end up seeming daunting. you get it. everybody does this. so you probably also get that sometimes a person or circumstance enters your world and causes that project to unfold easily, effortlessly, organically. magically.

the idea for an oversized nail-art installation came to us during our harried renovation of the space before our opening in november. due in part to the layout of our space, and the relative obscurity of its contents, first-time visitors are often a bit confused about what they’re walking into. {truth be told, we actually kind of like it that way: it’s a challenging environment, without being pretentious or offensive}. so in light of all this, we wanted to give people a gentle reminder that ultimately: wherever they go, there they are. when they walk into this building or any other, they are HERE. it’s like the big glowing kiosk at the mall entrance, putting you in perspective, letting you know how far you need to walk and which turns to take to get to the lady footlocker. only it’s NOTHING like that, because while it forces you to recognize that you are here , it also leaves the rest up to you. it is supposed to wake you up the present moment, in some small way.

we should mention, the phrase “you are here” had already been introduced to us as an emotive notion by our friends at roll and tumble press, through their brilliant letterpress print with the same title.

we love the idea of reminding people where they are in relative time and space. it makes us feel important.

so (long story short, jeez) there we were with a thing on our list that would probably never get done, when along comes brittany a. miller. she brought us a very sweet handmade card featuring a map and a dress form. {both things we are total suckers for}. stenciled on the chest? you guessed it.

turns out, she had been creating a body of work based around these themes {maps, dress forms, the human heart as a vessel through which we attempt to explain and contain the vast idea of “love”}. she was able, within two weeks, to create the most cohesive and appropriate {valentine’s day, anyone?} show we could have asked for. brittany is a kindred spirit: she shares our same inspired flow of ideas, and sees the unlimited possibilities within every venture. so it was not a surprise when we started sharing ideas, that we all wanted a big “you are here” sign made of nails and string. or that we should make a dress form screenprint and make t-shirts and pillows. cause that’s just the way magic works.

the show is titled “you are here” {clever, we know} and hangs through february. come see it.


About bricoshoppe

Bricolage is a store, low-brow gallery and workshop in downtown Boise, offering one of a kind, humanmade objects from makers around the country, as well as art prints, books, cards and other awesomeness.
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