old is the new new

We have so many new and awesome things in the shop this week. Here’s a peek:
These are the real deal. And they work. And they’re $25. I used one yesterday to make a brief local call, and had a HUUUUGE smile on my face as I waited for that dial to spin back around.

You’ll be surprised at what’s inside. And you’ll want to own a copy. $16.95

They are heavy enough to hold up even the peskiest books. Hell, they’ll hold open a door. Did I mention they’re made out of railroad tracks? Yeah. NBD. $10 each or 2 for $18

It’s not too late to start being organized and on time for things! That was our intention in using a Little Otsu planner, and life hasn’t been the same since. They’re great. Bunches of styles to choose from. $12-$18

Know a whiskey drinker? Us too. That’s why we ordered these cool soapstone ice replacers. You put them in the freezer and they stay cold as ice so your booze doesn’t fade away. Genius? Maybe. Clever? Definitely. $21

The idea of a picture frame card is awesome, but normally they’re a little…how you say…stupid? Yes. They’re stupid. But not these ones. These ones are great. $8

I hope we didn’t overwhelm you with all the awesomeness. xo


About bricoshoppe

Bricolage is a store, low-brow gallery and workshop in downtown Boise, offering one of a kind, humanmade objects from makers around the country, as well as art prints, books, cards and other awesomeness.
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  2. bk says:

    this is the best webpage. eva.

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