Things take time

In October of 2010 (14 months ago) I embarked on a project that I titled “Handbag Confessional”. I dumped the contents of my purse, catalogued everything, and set off to become a more organized person, by way of designing a perfect receptacle. Many things have changed since then, including a pronounced shift toward capitalization in writing. But guess what hasn’t changed!? You guessed it. The bag I carry right now is even less adept at keeping my shit together. It’s a big abysmal sack with a ripped lining.

The first thing you notice here is how dark it is in there. You’d think I was a big fan of blindly fishing around for things in the dark, but I’m totally not. Another less-obvious thing is that the opening of this bag is narrower than the base. While stylistically cute, it’s the functional equivalent of a crab trap. But what’s really alarming is the contents.

Sure, plenty of useful stuff. As well as a lot of garbage. Like actual garbage.

  1. Wallet
  2. Chapstick
  3. Pens/pencil
  4. Tin foil/sack for 3-d glasses
  5. Headband (gives me a headache when I wear it)
  6. USB drive
  7. Stack of napkins
  8. Boise Weekly (from 2 weeks ago)
  9. Card case (with cards in it!)
  10. Checkbook
  11. One rogue sunglasses lens
  12. A quarter
  13. A bobbin case
  14. More chapstick
  15. Nail polish
  16. Lotion
  17. Miscellaneous receipts, business cards, ticket stubs
  18. A bunch of little mints (Or are they pills? Just popped ’em all, stay tuned)
  19. Stack of bills and other mail (Heyyyyy, parking ticket. There you are)
  20. Notebook
  21. Not pictured: phone + keys

We all know what needs needs to be done. Maybe it’ll really happen this time. Wish me luck.




About bricoshoppe

Bricolage is a store, low-brow gallery and workshop in downtown Boise, offering one of a kind, humanmade objects from makers around the country, as well as art prints, books, cards and other awesomeness.
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One Response to Things take time

  1. Sunny says:

    Luck!! I am still searching for the 100 pocket wallet:( really the focus is simplify…. That pesky crap keeps sneaking into my life!

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